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English corner – facts and legends


1 Robin Hood is a hero in English folklore – songs, ballads and stories about him come from the Middle Ages*

2 Some historians say he probably (if ever :) lived in XI century, some that he lived when Richard I (a.k.a* the Lion Heart) was the king of England

3 The first book A little Gest of Robin Hood was printed in 1489

4 In the earliest ballads Robin Hood is a
commoner*, but later he is an
aristocrat who becomes an outlaw*.

What does the LEGEND say?

Robin was a brilliant archer*, the best bowman* in England, and a swordsman. He lived in Sherwood Forest in Nottingham with a band of his friends called "Merry Men". Legendary Robin Hood is also called "a prince of thieves*". Why? Because he robbed* from the rich to give to the poor. How did he do it? He and his men captured* the rich when they travelled through the forest. Robin invited them to supper. During the supper someone looked in their bags to see how much money they had. After the supper Robin asked them to pay for the meal :) He was also a great fighter (but killing only in self-defence*). His main enemy was Sheriff of Nottingham. He always wanted to capture Robin but never managed to do it. How does the story ends?
Well, read it and find out yourself on e.g.: (library/intermediate readers) or
or simply visit our library!

To solve* the quiz read Facts and Legends.
For some answers search* the Internet.
You can win a fantastic Oxford pocket dictionary, pens and other gadgets!!!

1 King Richard I is also called ...
a. King Lion b. Lion Head c. Lion Heart

2 The first book about Robin's adventures comes from ... century.
a. XI b. XIII c. XV

3 Robin's "job"
a. a soldier b. a thief c. a sportsman

4 One of his "Merry Men" is ...
a. Guy of Gisborne b. Will Scarlet c. Big John
(check on :The Begginer's Guide)

5 He lived in ......................... Forest.

a. Sherwood b. Greenwood c. Nottingham

6 This tree was Robins's hideout*
a. linden* b. ash* c. oak*
(check on : Jak spędzać czas – zainteresowania - historia i dziedzictwo - co nowego? - mity i legendy Brytyjskie)

Send your answers a.s.a.p* to
give them to your English teacher!
Don't let* others win!

Glossary *(słowniczek)
Middle Ages-Średniowiecze; a.k.a = also known as-alias/pseudonim; commoner-człowiek z ludu; outlaw-banita, wyjęty spod prawa; archer, bowman-łucznik; rob-rabować; thief/ thieves-złdziej/e; capture-schwytać; in self-defence-w obronie własnej; solve-rozwiązywać; search-przeszukiwać; hideout-kryjówka; linden-lipa; ash-jesion; oak-dąb; soon as possible-jak najszybciej; let-pozwalać; competition-konkurs; translation-tłumaczenie; verse-zwrotka; by heart-na pamięć

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